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Bowl designed for decorative houseware inspired by paper folded geometries


1 month independent project at MIT, Spring 2018, Cambridge, MA, USA

01 Cover 1.jpg
01 Cover 3.jpg
01 Cover 2.jpg
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The aim of this project was to develop a unique process to design and create a bowl.  My product inspiration was focused on iconic pieces from brands such as Alessi and Georg Jensen.  I wanted to achieve the same level of elegance and creativity exhibited in their pieces.

02 Product Research 1.jpg

Alessi Blow Up Bowl

02 Product Research 2.jpg

Georg Jensen Crash Tray

02 Product Research 3.jpg

Alessi Mediterraneo Bowl

02 Product Research 4.jpg

Georg Jensen Triple Cobra Tray

02 Product Research 6.jpeg

Alessi Stanza Bowl

02 Product Research 5.png

Georg Jensen Cobra Tray


I was also inspired by the geometries and patterns of paper folding sculptures.  I looked into 2D and 3D folded geometries from artists such as Richard Sweeney and MIT's Professor Erik Demaine.

03 Concept Research 3.jpg

Richard Sweeney paper folded sculpture

03 Concept Research 4.jpg

Erik Demaine paper folded sculpture

03 Concept Research 1.jpg

Matt Shlian paper folded sculpture

I wanted to recreate the geometric, repeating, contours and patterns for my vessel design.  I started by folding my own pieces to understand how to make and manipulate different contours and geometries.

03 Concept Research_Black.png

Drawing measurement guides

03 Concept Research_Black.png

Folding construction lines

03 Concept Research_Black.png

Folding construction lines

03 Concept Research_Black.png

Final paper folded pattern



I chose plaster as my prototyping medium.  I wanted to capture the folded geometries in vessel form by pouring plaster over the folded patterns.

04 Process 1.jpg

Wrap around effect

Plaster and paper mould setup

04 Process 2.jpeg

Pouring plaster over paper mould

04 Process 3.jpeg

Pouring plaster over paper mould

04 Process 4.jpeg

Final plaster piece



I repeatedly experimented with pouring plaster over folded paper.  I tried different patterns of folds and plaster consistencies to better understand the medium and process.  Due to the fluid nature of the plaster, each creation had a striking contrast between the organic shape of the poured outline and the crispness of the folded lines.

Once I had a better understanding of the material and method, I started developing pieces that were concaved mimicking a bowl shape.  I had to iterate significantly to find the right pouring technique and plaster consistency to achieve something that was aesthetically beautiful.

05 Conceptual Prototype 07.jpg


I developed illustrations to show the creation process and the intended use.  Here, the conceptual material portrayed is plaster, however in practice the material would need to be a stronger material to withstand holding dry objects and everyday handling, and a potentially a non-porous material for use with liquid substances.

06 Process.png

1. Flat paper

2. Folded paper

3. Orientate paper

4. Pour plaster over paper

5. Cover paper in plaster

06 Process.png

6. Let plaster dry

7. Peel paper off

8. Final plaster piece

Plaster piece holding liquid

Plaster piece pouring liquid

Product Concept


After developing several prototypes, I created a CAD model based on the general form of the plaster prototypes.  I explored several options for the orientation and material depending on how the vessel is used as decorative houseware.

Final Rendering


I created a conceptual rendering in Keyshot of the 3D model as a polished stainless steel fruit bowl as inspired by the metallic abstract designs from Alessi and Georg Jensen


Asset 3.png
Asset 1.png
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