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Copper chair formed using a novel adaptation of sheet metal stamping that embraces and enhances metal plasticity and deformation


'Ripple' is a copper chair exhibiting a striking representation of metal through embracing deformations and metal plasticity.  This effect is achieved through a novel adaptation of sheet metal stamping that harnesses the stresses during  the forming process to create organic deformations unique to each piece. 

Aesthetically, the flowing contours create an unexpected softness and fluidity in an otherwise hard and unyielding material.  The metal plasticity is evident as the deformations are concentrated at the corners of the chair top. The stamping die is specifically shaped to drive the stresses into a concentrated area enhancing the metal plasticity in select parts of the chair.

Functionally, the forming and deformations work-harden and reinforce the metal, turning a thin sheet into a piece of furniture.  The edging along the chair top provides structure to an otherwise thin and large piece of material.

Chair Motion 1.jpg
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